At a young age I started playing guitar and bass. Musically, I was especially inspired by bands like Genesis in the era of Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Saga, Camel and other symphonic-prog band. Today I am more influenced by bands like Riverside, Spock's Beard, Devin Townsend, Planet-X, IQ, Frost and Arena.

In terms of guitar playing I am very influenced by guitarists like David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), John Mitchell (Arena, Frost, Kino), Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Andrew Latimer (Camel).
I play mostly bass in various bands, but also a lot of guitar and I am especially funk / rock / melodic oriented.
As a bassist, I feel more at home with various musical styles than on guitar, therefore I have been more involved in various bands and projects as a bassist.

In the late 80’s I seriously started working with different musicians. Steve Brooke later including Martin Thooolen (ex 5 bridges). In this band I started as a bassist, but after the arrival of Martin I became guitarist. We went quickly in the direction of symphonic-progrock. Steve Brooke and the Waterfront. There was a CD: Down to Earth, but also other projects by Steve B himself.

After a number of other projects such as the Megachurch I came in contact with the B-band of Herman Haan, with whom I have worked with during a few projects, and also with the band Dilemma, a symphonic band with a beautiful appearance and live performance . Dilemma was later named Underneath and paused for about a decade.
Together with drummer Collin Leijenaar and Dilemma of the B-band I've worked on a couple of gigs with Kaja, who also played live with Van Dikhout, Blof and De Dijk.
After that I joined "V.H. The Hips”, a rock cover band from Woerden, I have played in several pubs for two years.

Because I still wanted to continue to develop myself as a guitarist, I took lessons from the blues / jazz guitarist Onno Kelk, known for his appearances at the North Sea Jazz Festival and teaching at the conservatory in Arnhem. Definitely recommended. Meanwhile, I started teaching to others, guitar and bass.

Time went by (2006), and the band Hennes (Hendry Stolk, Levi Spreeuwers, Peter Zaal and Myself) formed.This band stopped but created another one with Bassist Erik van der Vlis (Dilemma) and drummer Peter Zaal (ex-Decision-D / NLM) meets Paul Crezee (Dilemma) and singer Henk Overbosch. The band Blue Labeled came, courtesy of Onne Crezee, former drummer.

After about a decade Dilemma came back to life and I still play there with Paul Crezee. A new CD and a series of gigs will follow.


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